The best football-themed slot hames

2023년 대한민국 온라인카지노 순위 정보


온라인카지노 순위

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대한민국 2023년 온라인카지노 순위 TOP 10

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2위 로즈카지노 287명
3위 헤라카지노 143명
4위 플러스카지노 119명
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6위 솔카지노 84명
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8위 에볼루션라이트닝 53명
9위 라카지노 47명
10위 에볼루션카지노 12명
10위 스페이스맨카지노 12명


Within the many thousands of slots available there are specific themes. Most online casinos have a sports betting arm, and it’s only logical that sports related titles can be found among the slot games.

A Range of Games

The rise of online digital casino play has allowed games producers to offer far more choice than traditional bricks and mortar establishments. The only limit is a developer’s imagination and the slots here are not restricted by physical space.

Some slot games follow a classic theme from days gone by with familiar fruit symbols in play. Others such as Starburst, which is available from Virgin Games and most online casinos, takes that classic gameplay and introduces a space age theme.

Cartoon animals, mystical witches and wizards, spy dramas and the latest film releases are among the many genres that can be reflected at the slots. And then there’s sport with football themed games tending to dominate this sector. Here are some of the best football slots online today.

FIFA World Cup

The World Cup is the biggest football tournament of all and this is a slot that looks to replicate all the thrills and drama. The endorsement from FIFA is bound to attract attention from serious football fans and that helps to make the game one of the most popular of its kind.

FIFA World Cup was released by Dreamtech in 2020 as the build up to the 2022 tournament in Qatar began to intensify.

The attraction of a major tournament is backed by all the major features that slots players want to see. FIFA World Cup is set down on a 5×3 reel grid and there are 25 fixed paylines in operation.

Gleaming trophies act as the wild symbols in this game while FIFA World Cup also has scatter symbols and bonus rounds. It combines the best in football imagery with clever slot play and those are key elements required for any game to stand out.

Football Cash Pots

There are times when it pays to keep things simple and Football Cash Pots is a good example of this approach. It was produced by the developers at Inspired Gaming and released into online casinos in 2020.

There is an elementary design featuring symbols that are clearly relevant to any football game. There’s a referee’s whistle, boots and a ball plus gold and silver trophies. The football images in this game are scatter symbols and each shows a cash sum. When at least six of these icons drop into view, they can award instant prizes and respins.

Wins can also be formed by matching symbols along one or more of ten paylines. The simple gameplay, coupled with the classic football icons has made Football Cash Pots a hit.

Celtic Football Club

By tying a slot to a specific football team, a casino will naturally attract supporters of that club. There are a handful of these slots around and Celtic Football Club is a good example.

This title was produced by Blueprint Gaming and released in 2019. It’s a five-reel slot and it features some well known Celtic players. The aim in the base game is to find matching symbols while, like all good slots, there are some bonus features.

Free spins and a Changing Room bonus are the main add ons. The potential issue for developers is to keep the games fresh as new players come to the club, but it’s maybe surprising that there aren’t more slots available with the club theme.

Super Striker

Released by the industry-renowned developers at NetEnt, Super Striker is a casino slot game that has the ability to appeal to regular football bettors. That’s because there is an optional betslip feature that allows players to stake on how many times they think a specific symbol will appear.

That unusual bonus could attract a new audience who may not have tried slots before. Regular casino players can also enjoy Super Striker. It’s set on a slimmed down 3×3 reel grid and comes with additional features including multipliers and free spins.

Hot Shots

At first glance, it may appear that the developers of Hot Shots have combined a football theme with cartoon animals for no legitimate reason. However, when players look closely, they will note that the Spanish Bull, the French Cockerel and the English Bulldog are among those representing their country.

By doing this, producers ISoftBet have released a game that appeals to a number of different slot players. The football theme is dominant with goal and football symbols, and the scene is all laid down against the backdrop of a soccer pitch.

Wild symbols, free spins and multipliers are the potentially rewarding bonus features in Hot Shots.

No Limits

In the future, we will surely see far more slots that cover the football theme. Some of the world’s top players have been announced as brand ambassadors for casino and sportsbook brands, so it seems a natural progression that they will give their name to a slot.

Slot games could also harness some of the most thrilling features of a football match such as a penalty shootout. There really are no limits and it will be fascinating to see the new releases as they land.