Poker Dealer Receives Suspended Sentence for €50,000 Inside Job Robbery

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05 Feb

A professional poker dealer, David Wright (36) of Allenton Way, Tallaght, South Dublin, has been handed a fully suspended prison sentence for his role as an inside man in a robbery of €50,000 and €700 worth of cigarettes from the casino where he worked. On August 13, 2018, Wright pleaded guilty to stealing the cash and cigarettes from the casino located on Mount St Upper, Dublin 2.

Fed to the Wolves

During the sentencing at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, Judge Pauline Codd stated that Wright had betrayed his employer by providing information to individuals who intended to rob the casino. She noted that this betrayal was a significant breach of trust. The judge also pointed out that while Wright was not directly involved in the robbery, it was reasonable for him to have foreseen that threats of violence may be made.

The court was informed that an employee of the cash and carry business JR Byrne was delivering cash and cigarettes to the Fitzwilliam Card Club in Dublin 2 at around 6.30pm. The employee was walking towards the casino when he saw a man jogging towards him. He then told the employee to “let go of the box or I’m going to kill you”.

An investigation by the gardai identified two vehicles involved in the robbery, a Silver Saab and a Skoda Octavia. The Octavia was registered to David Wright.

Both cars were seen on CCTV in the area before the robbery, placing Wright inside the Octavia at the time. Wright’s banking activities were investigated and cash lodgements of €2,500 and €1,100 were seen to be made in the weeks after the robbery. Investigations also showed Wright was on duty on various occasions when the employee had previously made his cash deliveries.

When the Gardai arrested Wright they said he was “very forthcoming and extremely remorseful.” He said he regretted getting involved in the crime and would like to apologise to the victim. He said that a friend approached him and asked him to provide information about the movement of cash into the casino.

Despite the gravity of the crime, Judge Codd said she would reluctantly impose a suspended prison sentence, given the amount of time since the crime was committed and Wright’s efforts to rehabilitate himself.

She handed Wright a four-year sentence, suspended on strict conditions including that he keeps the peace and be of good behaviour. Anne Marie Lawlor SC, defending Wright, told the court that while her client was never physically threatened, he felt pressured into providing information about the movement of cash into the casino. She argued that he made a mistake and has taken responsibility for his actions.

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