PartyPoker Players Pad Their Bankrolls in the Sunday Supers

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Table of Contents
omah4z Wins the Super $55
Sagious199299 Secures Super $33 Title
Full Sunday Supers Results

January 22 was a Sunday to remember for the 11 PartyPoker players that triumphed in our Super Daily Legends tournaments. The Supers are progressive knockout (PKO) tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $1.10 to $530 and guaranteed prize pools of up to $50,000.

The Supers currently run throughout the week, Monday through Thursday, with each day dedicated to a specific range of buy-ins. For example, Monday sees the Super $1.10, $11, and $109 take place, with the Super $2.20, $22, and $215 running each Tuesday. However, Sunday sees all of the Supers kick off between 17:05 and 19:05 GMT and do so with their biggest guarantees of the week.

This Sunday’s Supers saw thousands of PartyPoker players take to the virtual felt, blowing most of the guaranteed prize pools out of the water. Of course, the $320, $215, and $109 buy-in Supers awarded the largest prizes, but you don’t have to spend a lot to win big at PartyPoker, as the Super $55 and Super $33 show.

Super $55 Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 omah4z $4,522 $3,691 $8,213
2 MAM8A $825 $3,684 $4,509
3 remeberme $536 $2,436 $2,972
4 LenaTheOldDog $350 $1,577 $1,927
5 Av.ReiAlbertol $511 $1,074 $1,585
6 arthurmelo2 $519 $826 $1,345
7 paddington_89 $579 $607 $1,186
8 Leja2021 $1,014 $481 $1,495
9 proudofminusev $379 $380 $759

Some 1,274 players bought into the Super $55 on January 22 and created a $63,700 prize pool, far larger than the advertised $50,000 guarantee. All but one of the nine grinders that navigated their way to the final table won four-figure prizes when you include the bounty payments.

Those bounty payments make a huge difference to the prize you can bank. Just ask eighth-place finisher “Leja2021”, who reeled in a $481 payout from the main prize pool but an impressive $1,014 worth of bounty payments; only the eventual champion claimed more from the bounty prize pool. All that additional money meant Leja2021 walked away with more than the players that finished in the two places above them!

Eventually, the Super $55 reached the heads-up stage, where “omah4z” and “MAM8A” fought it out for the title of champion. Both locked in more than $3,600, leaving the final bounties, which were huge at this stage, to play for. The one-on-one battle went the way of omah4z, and they added $4,522 to their $3,691 payout for a total haul worth $8,213, or almost 150 times their initial investment!

Super $33 Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 Sagious199299 $2,700 $2,300 $5,000
2 PacoBeach $279 $2,295 $2,574
3 Riqueiras $220 $1,516 $1,736
4 Cjr8088 $290 $981 $1,271
5 camel_case $160 $667 $827
6 leonidis88 $616 $513 $1,129
7 PokerChess10 $406 $376 $782
8 XanducaAnd $135 $297 $432
9 ScweenNayme $229 $234 $463

The Super $33 is an immensely popular tournament; it saw 1,334 entrants this weekend. Those players fought it out for a share of the $40,020 prize pool, again obliterating the $30,000 guarantee.

Six of the nine finalists padded their bankrolls with four-figure prizes, but it was “Sagious199299” that helped themselves to the lion’s share. With Sagious199299 and “PacoBeach,” the heads-up duo, securing $2,295 from the main prize pool, the battle for the final scalp ensued. PacoBeach crashed by the wayside in second place and walked away with a $2,574 score. Sagious199299 hauled in $5,000 thanks to a final bounty payment worth $2,700, $400 more than the main prize pool awarded to the champion!

Super Results From January 22

Check out the other results from the Supers on January 22. There was a near miss for Team PartyPoker’s Matthew Staples in the Super $530. Staples found himself at the final table, but it was not meant to be.

Staples busted in sixth when he open-shoved from the small blind with for 7.3 big blinds. “PELIGROSISSIMO” called from the big blind with the dominating . Staples improved to two pair on the flop, but the turn counterfeited his hand. The river needed to be a six for Staples to win the hand or a ten or better to chop the pot. However, it was the , and our hero was gone.

Tournament Entrants Prize pool Champion Prize
Super $1.10 715 $750 Weejamylee $107
Super $2.20 1,070 $2,140 G-Raupp $277
Super $5.50 1,412 $7,060 BeingShark $688
Super $11 1,681 $16,810 raphajoganada84 $1,645
Super $22 1,830 $36,600 CreepyGrandmma $3,709
Super $33 1,334 $40,020 Sagious199299 $5,000
Super $55 1,274 $63,700 omah4z $8,213
Super $109 635 $63,500 THE-GOD-MODE $10,121
Super $215 306 $61,200 golias304 $10,316
Super $530 56 $30,000 FEODAZ $8,696

New Tournament Schedule Coming Soon!

Stay tuned to the PartyPoker Blog and our social media channels because it is here where you will find all the juicy details of our new-look tournament schedule. You’ll have to wait a few more days for the grand unveiling but we know the new schedule will be a hit with everyone. Expect new weekend tournaments, new guarantees, leaderboards, MTT-specific promotions, and a whole lot more! Exciting times are ahead!

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