Mike Postle Escapes With Winnings as Legal Claim Fails in California

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27 Jan

Attempts to prevent poker cheat Mike Postle from spending his recent winnings have failed after a California Superior Court judge ruled this week that a motion brought by Veronica Brill was “both procedurally and substantially defective.”

Brill, the whistleblower who put an end to Postle’s lucrative but dishonest stint on the StonesLivePoker livestreamed cash game, was looking for a financial restraining order against Postle.

Postle recently won $32,703 at the $1200 buy-in Million Dollar Heater series Main Event, as we reported last week.

That was enough to pay Brill the $27k plus change that he owes her for legal fees for defending against his aborted defamation lawsuit, a sum which has risen due to interest accrued in the 18 months since. Brill and her lawyer, though, were just a bit too slow in getting the casino to withhold his winnings.

A second attempt to force Postle to pay his dues failed after a California Superior Court judge denied Brill’s ex parte motion seeking to prevent Postle from spending or otherwise disbursing his recent winnings.

Superior Court Judge Richard K. Sueyoshi described Brill’s motion as “both procedurally and substantially defective,” claiming that she hadn’t exhausted all her other legal avenues for recovering the debt.

“Defendant has no pending causes of action to set aside fraudulent transfers,” Sueyoshi wrote, referring to Brill’s motion claim that Postle had deliberately disguised himself and used a false name during his Beau Rivage run, adding: “…and even if it had such pending claims, Defendant has made no showing of an inadequate remedy at law or irreparable harm that requires injunctive relief.”

The decision was far from an end to Brill’s attempts to force Postle to stump up what he owes, with Judge Sueyoshi stating:

“While the Court DENIES Defendant’s ex parte application, the Court notes that such denial remains without prejudice to Defendant pursuing statutory judgment collection measures to the extent Defendant possesses an enforceable judgment.”

Postle also owed Todd Witteles a similar amount after the PokerFraudAlert founder also hit poker’s most infamous cheat with an anti-SLAPP lawsuit in 2021.

Postle’s recent re-emergence has left Witteles baffled as to why he is being called out by the few Postle supporters that exist, given that he offered the Sacramento pro a chance to withdraw his defamation claims…

What course of action Brill and Witteles take now is unclear, but Postle’s return to Mississippi, scene of his recent win, seems unlikely given that legal procedures are now in place to quickly slap him with a writ of garnishment.

If you have missed out on any of the drama surrounding Postle you can catch up below!

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