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Have you ever bet on cricket? Even though many online casinos and betting sites offer you the opportunity to place bets on this exciting sport, not many understand how to make good predictions. Let’s look at cricket betting tips and how you can utilise your low deposit bonus New Zealand, if that’s where you live. NZ is, after all, full of cricket fans!

Betting on cricket – the basics

To make an informed prediction about the outcome of a match, you need to know quite a bit about the game rules, team dynamics and historic data.

Cricket Betting Rules

Below you will find some important things you need to know in order to successfully bet on cricket. They do make the probability that you will have a good betting experience much higher. Let’s look at what can happen in cricket:

  • If a cricket match venue changes, bets already placed will stand if the home team still is a home team. If the home and away teams for a listed match are reversed, your bets on cricket will be void.
  • In cricket matches affected by bad weather bans, the official rules of the competition will apply. There’s one exception: if a match is decided on either a bowl or a coin toss, bets will be void.
  •  If a cricket match is cancelled due to external interference, bets will be void. If an opponent changes from the original one that was announced before you placed your bet, all bets on cricket for that match will be void.
  •  If a match is cancelled, all bets will be void unless replayed within 24 hours of the advertised start time. In cricket competitions where a bowl or super over determines a winner, bets will be settled on the official result.
  • The result of a match is a tie when the score is even at the end. Exception: if the side batting last has not completed its innings. All such innings are then completed, which will likely affect the match result.

Best cricket tips

If you’d ask us to give you the basic minimum for what you should know before you place your bet on cricket, this is what we’d tell you.

Fast-paced sport with several different betting options

If you’re tired of betting on sports like football and hockey, but still love a fast-paced sport, look no further. In cricket, anything can happen, and it usually happens fast. Once you have familiarised yourself with the sport, you will certainly feel comfortable placing live odds on cricket.

Betting on cricket isn’t just guessing the match winners as there are several different betting options available. The more you learn about cricket, the more knowledgeable you will become about the various sequences of the match, and you can thus place accurate bets.

How to bet on cricket

When it comes to cricket, betting on match winners is the most popular betting market. You can do this while watching a live cricket stream. If the match ends in a draw, the norm is that you get your money back.

In addition to cricket match results, it is also possible to bet on how many sixes there will be scored in the match. You can also bet on which player – or team – will make the most wides or fours overall.

Cricket betting calculator

If you want to increase your chances of a safe bet, you can take the help of a cricket betting calculator available on some of the better betting sites and online casinos in New Zealand. Here you can fill in information regarding different sequences in a match and see the probability of what you’re interested in happening. You can then use the information to place your bet.

Sign up and deposit bonuses on sports

Likely every single online casino or betting site in the world offers a betting bonus of some sort – from free bets to cashback on your first deposit. When you start betting on cricket, a low deposit bonus, for example, might come in handy as it might take you a while to get the gist of how to make an informed prediction on your favourite sport.

Odds bonuses in the form of matched deposits

A betting bonus for matched bets gives you extra money in your account and can be converted into withdrawable money by meeting the wagering requirement. A matched betting bonus has three main components; the match percentage, the bonus cap and the wagering requirement:

  • The match percentage determines the order of magnitude to which the betting site will award a bonus. A 100% bonus simply means that 100% of the amount you deposit is also deposited by the betting company or casino.
  • The bonus cap is the amount the betting site is most likely to give away in odds bonuses.
  • The wagering requirement is the betting site’s safety mechanism against bonus abuse. A wagering requirement simply means how many times you must wager your received bonus, qualifying minimum odds and within what time frame.

Odds bonuses in the form of free money

Free money can be converted into withdrawable cash. The difference is that this type of odds bonus comes at a fixed amount. Instead of a matching percentage and a cap, it consists of a predetermined amount and a wagering requirement.

Odds bonuses in the form of free bets

Unlike free money, these credits cannot be converted into withdrawable cash in the same way. You can place a free bet, which means that the stake is paid by the gambling company. The net winnings are usually credited as odds bonuses in the form of cash.