10 Best Men’s Soccer Colleges In The US 2023

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US collegiate soccer is a highly competitive landscape that gives young athletes particularly (soccer players) the right environment or template to develop and mature into a superstar in their respective careers.

The commonly asked question amongst soccer fans across the globe is what soccer colleges are the best in terms of administrative, infrastructure, ambiance, and success in their respective divisions in the U.S.

American football and basketball may be the most popular sports in the state in terms of recognition, however, college soccer has been an excellent pathway that has stood the test of time over the years in nurturing talented individuals who could go on to become a superstar.

In 2021, the NCSA which is the largest college athletic recruiting platform in the US with over 35,000 college coaches using the NCSA to harvest talented athletes across 37 sports, analyzed over 1,045 four years colleges with the best men’s college soccer programs across four division levels.

10 Best Men’s Soccer Colleges in the US

From running freely on freshly cut grass as a young soccer kid, to training hard into maturing and becoming a superstar in the future begins from the four walls of the college for a lot of American soccer players.

In that regard according to report, eight players who were included on the U.S. Men’s National World Cup team list in Qatar was a huge testament to how massively collegiate soccer is helping nurture and producing and young talents for American soccer.

University of Notre Dame

Pondering about one of the best college soccer programs you could apply for in the state, the University of Virginia should be earmarked as one of your choices.

Amongst all of the prominent schools with the best college soccer programs in the US, Virginia can easily compete with others in terms of its programs and how brilliantly they run the affairs of the University.

Their consistency, track record, and success have always been one of the major criteria in ranking them amongst the best, and in that regard, they won seven national championships, along with two additional national championship appearances which are part of their success.

Qualifying for the NCAA men’s soccer tournament every year is also one of their major targets and they’ve been able to qualify for it every year since 1981.

University of Notre Dame

Soccer has always been one of the major traditions at Michigan State since the University started as a club sport in 1884 and gained varsity status in 1896.

The Spartans as they are called were ranked 19 among the best colleges with the best soccer programs in 2021, and according to the recent ranking they moved to 9th on the list.

Sports aren’t the only thing that Michigan State University excels at they also have a well-tailored environment that encourages the nurturing and producing of future players that could go on to become the next superstar of the country’s national team.

University of Notre Dame

Clemson is one of the second largest universities in South Carolina founded in 1889 that believes in the value of hard work and pursuance of lives-changing sports that aims at helping athletes build a career of their own.

The Tigers compete as a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the division 1 level primarily competing in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

It was also one the best soccer college that raised to prominence in the 70s and 80s missing the national tournament twice between 1972 and 1987.

But at the turn of the millennium, the Tigers won three national championships and only missed the tournament once in 2013, and interestingly till now they’ve remained consistent in their aim of nurturing and producing talents

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University of Notre Dame

Syracuse University is one of the best private research colleges in the heart of central New York known for its vibrant academics and sports. The Orange is quite deliberate about its innovative way of nurturing and producing future talents that would have a great impact on its community.

When one of us rises, we all rise as Orange is no doubt the best motto have come across in recent times which exhibits huge support for all their own in the college.

The Orange are not only known for solidly supporting their own, but their winning mentality in the NCAA men’s soccer tournament also stands them tall among others who have consistently appeared in the championship for the past eleven seasons.

Their semifinal run in 2015 showcased them as one of the best soccer college programs in the state with some of the best enabling environments and world-class equipment to aid in nurturing their talents.

10 Best Men’s Soccer Colleges In The US 2023

Amongst all the listed colleges there is, something unique about Indiana University since the program started in 1973 no other program has won more national championships than the Hoosiers (8) with their most recent victory in 2012.

Their impressive streak of consecutive qualifications for the NCAA division 1 men’s soccer tournament at (36) stands them out amongst the other college soccer programs in the United States having made every tournament since 1987.

Indiana University made history in 2004 when Mike Freiteg made history as the first coach to win the national championship in a season where many expected them to fail.

University of Notre Dame

On the mention of Wake Forest University, the interesting thing that comes to mind about the college is how well they’ve been able to maintain consistency by only missing the NCAA men’s soccer tournament once since 2001.

The Demon Deacons just like the other colleges achieved success in winning the championship, has only won the national division once in 2007 and finished as runner-up in 2016.

They may not be ranked as the best in terms of position on the list, however, they’re surely one of the best soccer collegiate programs in the United States for their astute models dedicatedly aiming at producing talents.

Amongst all of the players that at one point passed through the four walls of the college, Leeds United Jack Harrison is one of the college alumni who plies his trade in England.

10 Best Men’s Soccer Colleges In The US 2023

To be the best amongst the best soccer colleges in the US you have to live up to the task administratively and infrastructure-wise.

As such, the University of North Carolina ticked all of the boxes and perfectly stands at the echelon of other colleges with amazing soccer programs in the state.

The University has also accomplished a rare feat in not only winning its second national championship in 2011 but also producing amazing talent like Gregg Berhalter the current US national team head coach.

10 Best Men’s Soccer Colleges In The US 2023

Stanford University is another West Coast school that could boast of the best men’s soccer college in the US following their stride in recent times.

The Cardinal’s consecutive national championship triumph from 2015 to 2017 gives credence to the great stride they’ve made in recent times plus their four semifinal appearances in the division.

Stanford’s collegiate soccer program could be said to be arguably the best in the whole of the West Coast due to how consistent and deliberate the institution has been in nurturing and producing the best of talents that would go on to be the cornerstone of the US Men’s national team.

In that regard, one of the prominent players who passed through the four walls of Stanford University includes New York Red Bulls forward Zach Ryan and U.S. international Jordan Morris.

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10 Best Men’s Soccer Colleges In The US 2023

UCLA’s men’s soccer college program isn’t just the best from the West Coast, it’s arguably one of the best across the nation itself due to the brilliant tutelage and guidance the kids are exposed to from the hands of experienced coaches.

The Bruins are also top-ranked for both men’s and women’s soccer college for how well the prestigious school has been able to nurture great talents over the years in the US and by winning four championships in nine appearances in their history.

UCLA college is located in Los Angeles, California and its student-faculty ratio is between 17.1 to 18% in terms of population.

The 109-year-old college has over years seen the school’s alumni break into the limelight, such as one of Major League Soccer’s record-holding goalkeepers Nick Rimando.

University of Notre Dame

Not to have Notre Dame on this list will be criminal because of the brilliant track record they have in producing talents and doing well in the NCAA division 1 men’s soccer tournament.

Little wonder why they’re ranked number one amongst the best men’s soccer colleges by the NCSA.

Notre Dame has not only excelled in the most famous and recognized sports in the US, but they’ve also been brilliant in men’s soccer having made over 20 appearances in the NCAA Division 1.

2013 happened to be one of the most productive years for Notre Dame following their triumph at the national championship, plus four additional quarterfinals appearances and one semi-final finish in the history of the college.

How Do You Get Recruited For College Soccer?

Getting recruited for college soccer can be a competitive process, but there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of being noticed by college coaches:

  1. Play in high-level clubs or youth leagues: This will give you the opportunity to showcase your skills and play against top competition.
  2. Attend college soccer camps: This is a great way to meet college coaches and get seen by them.
  3. Maintain good grades: Colleges are looking for student-athletes who can handle the demands of both academic and athletic commitments, so it’s important to maintain good grades and test scores.
  4. Create a highlight video: A highlight video is a great way to showcase your skills and give coaches a sense of your playing style. Make sure the video is well-produced and edited and includes footage from multiple games.
  5. Network with college coaches: Reach out to college coaches and introduce yourself. Attend college games and introduce yourself to coaches after the game.
  6. Be proactive: Take control of your own recruitment process by reaching out to colleges that you’re interested in and sending them your information, including your highlight video and academic transcripts.
  7. Be patient: The recruitment process can take time, and it’s important to be patient and keep working hard. The right opportunity will come along eventually if you continue to put in the effort.






What GPA do you need to play college soccer?

2.0 – 3.0

The GPA required to play college soccer varies depending on the college and the specific program.

Most colleges require student-athletes to maintain a certain minimum GPA in order to be eligible for athletic competition. This GPA requirement is often set by the NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA, which are the governing bodies that regulate college sports.

The minimum GPA requirement to be eligible to play college soccer can range from 2.0 to 3.0, with many colleges setting the bar at 2.3 or 2.5. However, it’s important to note that many college soccer programs have higher GPA requirements, often ranging from 3.0 to 3.5 or higher.

In some cases, a higher GPA may be required for student-athletes who are receiving an athletic scholarship.

Can international students play soccer in the USA?

Yes, international students can play soccer in the USA, but they must meet certain requirements to be eligible to compete at the collegiate level.

To play college soccer in the United States, international students must first be admitted to an accredited American university and meet the NCAA’s academic eligibility requirements.

Is it hard to get into college soccer?

Only a small percentage of high school male soccer players continue their playing careers in college, with about 7.9% going on to compete at the collegiate level.

Even fewer, approximately 1.1%, are able to secure a spot on a Division 1 college team.

To increase your chances of being one of these select few, it’s important to not only possess athletic talent and maintain good grades but also take the college recruiting process seriously

What is the highest level of college soccer?

Men’s soccer teams in Division 1 colleges are renowned for their tenacity and athletic rigor. College D1 men’s soccer programs can be classified by the following characteristics: the most competitive athletic level.

The desire to compete against the top athletes is what draws many student-athletes to the D1 level.

How can I get a soccer scholarship in the USA?

College soccer players who are successfully recruited by a college coach have the opportunity to receive an athletic scholarship.

However, they must also meet the academic requirements set by the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA, including maintaining a certain grade point average.

It is important to note that only Division I and II student-athletes are eligible for athletic scholarships.

How much does a US soccer scholarship cost?

The cost of a US soccer scholarship varies, with Division I programs usually being the most expensive. The average cost is around $50,000 to $60,000 and typically covers tuition, fees, room, board, and other expenses.

However, many scholarships are only partial, with the student responsible for covering the remaining cost through other means.

The exact cost of a scholarship differs and should be researched for each individual institution and scholarship program.

Do colleges give soccer scholarships?


Colleges do give soccer scholarships. Many college soccer programs offer athletic scholarships to talented student-athletes in order to recruit them to their team.

Athletic scholarships can help offset the cost of tuition, books, and other expenses related to attending college.

How hard is it to get a soccer scholarship?

Getting a soccer scholarship is a competitive process and success depends on various factors including athletic ability, level of play, and academic performance.

Early preparation, focusing on skills development, and meeting NCAA eligibility requirements is key. Competition for scholarships can be high, especially for Division I programs, so targeting the right schools is important. Hard work and determination, along with support and resources, can increase your chances of earning a scholarship.

Do college soccer players get paid?

In the United States, college soccer players are not permitted to receive compensation for their athletic participation.

This is a rule established by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) which applies to all men’s and women’s college athletes, not just soccer players.

According to NCAA regulations, college athletes cannot receive direct payments from their college or earn money from any endorsement or promotional activities related to their sport.


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