10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]


Being a captain is like being the conductor of an orchestra. You have to lead, inspire, and bring out the best in your team members.

It’s a role reserved for the few who possess the magical combination of talent, passion, and charisma. And of course, the ability to rock an armband like it’s nobody’s business.

To pull on the captain’s armband means to publicly take on responsibilities with an unbreakable spirit, unyielding commitment, and ability to lead by example, in a manner that would inspire and bring out the best in other players in a team.

After listing the essential traits required for a successful team captain, have you ever considered who the greatest captains are, with their unshakeable determination, steadfast dedication, and unparalleled leadership abilities, to lead their teams to glory?

I’m going to give you my total objective and unbiased list of the best captains in soccer history.

10 Best Captains In Soccer History 2023

The captain, being the only soccer player with authority on the field, serves as a representation of stability and calmness, guiding the team to hard-earned and well-deserved triumphs.

In some cases, the captain serves as an additional set of eyes for the manager and motivates the team.

10. John Terry

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Terry’s name will undoubtedly go down in the lore of Chelsea as arguably the greatest captain of the club for how instrumental his leadership skills propelled the London giant to numerous successes.

At his a-game, he could rival any inform defender regarded as one of the best at the time he was active at the highest level for both the national team and club.

Under his leadership as Chelsea’s captain, he won five league titles, four FA cups, three league cups, one UEFA Europa League, and one UEFA Champions League.

With Terry as your captain going into any game, be rest assured of a well-coordinated defense, mind-blowing dedication in giving all for the team on the pitch, and an excellent display of leadership skills expected of a proper captain.

9. Steven Gerrard

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Gerrard’s accomplishments for his hometown club, Liverpool, and his leadership in taking them to the height of success justify his title as the greatest captain and midfielder ever witnessed by the Anfield faithful.

His magnificent role in Liverpool’s triumph at the Champions League final night in Istanbul against AC Milan will forever go down in the lore of the competition as one of the greatest moments inspired by a born captain name ‘Steven Gerrard’.

Despite not winning the highly sought-after English Premier League title as a captain, Gerrard achieved a multitude of successes with his hometown team, showcasing his unmatched leadership skills in all of his triumphant moments wearing Liverpool’s shirt

General as some people like to call him is without mincing a word a perfect example of how a captain of a team should be in terms of commitment, loyalty, undying love, and total respect for the armband.

8. Gianluigi Buffon

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Before the emergence of Buffon, the benchmark for a brilliant Italian goalkeeper had long been set by Dino Zoff who oozes unrivaled calmness and great coordination in-between the stick.

However, when Gigi burst into the limelight, he outrightly went on to become a phenomenal shot-stopper that could only be compared with a few top goalies who the fans could regard as fantastic goalkeepers and leaders.

Buffon’s renown not only stems from his abilities as a skilled goalkeeper but also from his status as a dedicated leader with an unwavering loyalty to the Juventus jersey, placing him as a top-class goalkeeper among those who have ever donned soccer boots.

7. Francesco Totti

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Looking back at Totti’s career at Roma we could argue that there’s little or no player that has ever been revered with such a high level of adulation he enjoyed, bothering on his affection and love for the eternal city of Rome.

Call him a bloody one-club man you won’t be crucified, because he was absolutely a loyal and committed gladiator who’s 25 years stint in the Italian capital justifies why he is been revered as arguably the greatest captain and player who ever donned the famous Giallorossi shirt.

II Capitano wasn’t just an amazing leader of the team, he was literally the poster boy of Roma throughout his undying loyalty stay at the club on and off the pitch.

Even after his retirement at the age of 40, the Giallorossi still can’t boast of a captain that epitomizes his soccer and leadership qualities.

6. Iker Casillas

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Casillas was once a saint from La Fabrica who rode on his talent to become arguably the greatest goalkeeper of all time in the history of Real Madrid, due to his sheer brilliance and unrivaled ability to protect his goal.

Not every professional player is fortunate enough to make their debut in the Champions League at the age of 18, but the former Los Blancos legend seized the opportunity against Olympiacos in Europe’s most prestigious club competition in 1999.

Iker isn’t just renowned for his superb shot-stopping skill set, agility, and commanding presence in goal, he was also well revered for his passion and leadership skills that stand him out amongst the rest in the history of soccer.

5. Philip Lahm

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Germany is a great soccer nation that has over the years been blessed with charismatic captains who led their team to success on the pitch. In that sense, the Die Roten legend was one of the charismatic leaders who not only have a fulfilling career but was also a vocal captain.

Lahm was an exceptional captain known for his speed, endurance, and clean tackling skills both for Die Roten and Die Mannschaft while active. The diminutive German was also a versatile defender who also played as a midfielder at the latter end of his career.

His achievements as a player are a testament to how good a player he was, winning individual awards and also achieving success as a team player who is always ready to give his all to the team.

4. Carles Puyol

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Puyol’s undying commitment, organizing quality at the defense, and leadership skills are some of the things that heralded him as one of the best centers back and captains at Barcelona in the world of soccer ever seen.

The former Barcelona and Spain captain was an intense defender who utilizes all of his qualities as a center-back to elevate his game and also gave his all to an undeniable level that kept him at the very top as one of the finest in the history of the game.

When Puyol is listed in Barcelona‘s squad to face any opposition, his defensive partners are often assured of intelligent coordination, unbreakable commitment, and impeccable execution as a top-level defender.

Taking over the baton of captaincy in 2004 for Puyol surely came with a lot of responsibilities, however, he didn’t disappoint as he went on to become one of the best captains with stunning achievements before he retired.

3. Franz Beckenbauer

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Beckenbauer’s name isn’t just any name in the history of soccer, he is one of the nine players who have won the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and the Olympics and a huge success at both club and international levels.

Die Mannschaft legend could be said to be one of the first pioneers of captains in the history of soccer.

He was so good that he played as a midfielder and later established himself as a central defender which got many often crediting him as the creator of the contemporary sweeper position.

The ‘Emperor’ as his nickname suggested was a commanding emperor anytime on the pitch, with his unrivaled leadership skills in motivating co-players to give their all when faced with opposition.

For those who didn’t see him play, the interesting thing is that his legend will forever be talked about not just as a great player but also as a phenomenal captain.

2. Paolo Maldini

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Dubbed ‘Capitano,’ the Italian legend belongs to the category of captains who are natural leaders and destined to wear the captain’s armband, even before being officially appointed

Maldini is a former Italian defender feared for his ruthlessness in defense and revered for his quality and leadership skills while active and after retirement.

The Rossonerri legend is a versatile defender who played as a center-back and left-back during his active days. While active he served as the longest-serving Milan and Italy captain in history (8 years).

Il Capitano was well known in the world of soccer for his unbreakable spirit, unyielding commitment, communication, and leadership skills on and off the pitch that got him loved by a lot of soccer aficionados.

Maldini’s resounding achievements and longevity at the highest level also give credence to how great a player and a fantastic captain he was with arguably an unrivaled organization ability in defense for Milan.

1. Roy Keane

10 Best Captains In Soccer History [Unbiased List]

Keane was a ruthless and goal-getter defensive-midfielder who played for the Irish national and Manchester United, particularly where he had the best success of his professional career in soccer.

Renowned for his tenacious and unyielding tackling and his box-to-box style of play, the most successful Irish player is still highly regarded to this day as one of the greatest defensive midfielders the game has ever witnessed.

His tough, unbreakable spirit, unyielding commitment on the pitch, communication, and leadership demeanors made him worth voting for on the ‘Times list of the ’50 Hardest Soccer Players’ in history 2007.

With Roy Keane captaining your team to war, be rest assured that you’re well covered in the aspect of leadership and relentless commitment that could spur other players in the team to give their all on the pitch



Honorable Mention:
  • Franco Baresi
  • Raul Gonzalez Blanco
  • Didier Deschamps
  • Miguel Munoz
  • Johan Cruyff
  • Francisco Paco Gento
  • Patrick Vieira
  • Oliver Kahn


Final Thoughts- Best Captains In Soccer

After explaining why I believe the aforementioned names deserve recognition as some of the greatest captains in soccer history, it is important to note that an excellent captain must possess exceptional leadership skills and a strong sense of responsibility.

Thus, it is reasonable to consider all of the mentioned names as some of the best captains in soccer history due to their exceptional leadership qualities and impressive track records as leaders.





Who is the longest-serving captain in soccer history?

Francesco Totti – AS Roma (19 Years)

He holds the record for the club’s top goalscorer and the most appearances generally. With him wearing the armband, Roma came out on top for the Serie A championship in 2000.

  • Franco Baresi – AC Milan (15 years)
  • Tony Adams – Arsenal (14 years)
  • Paolo Maldini – AC Milan (12 years).

Who is the best captain in Premier League history?

There have been many exceptional captains in Premier League history, such as Roy Keane, Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, Steven Gerrard, Vincent Kompany, and others. However, it is challenging to determine the best captain as it is subjective and dependent on individual opinions.

Who is the longest-serving Premier League captain?

Tony Adams – 14 years (Arsenal)

With apparent ease, he guided one of the greatest teams in Premier League history. As a towering presence in the heart of Arsenal’s defense, the defender led the Gunners to four league titles, three FA Cups, and other notable accolades during his captaincy.

Who is the youngest captain in football history?

Reuben Noble-Lazarus

The youngest captain in football history is believed to be Reuben Noble-Lazarus, who captained Barnsley FC in a Football League Trophy match against Rochdale in 2010 at the age of 15 years and 45 days.

  • Kristoffer Ajer (I6 years)
  • Mammodu Sakho (17 Years)
  • Matthijs de Ligt (18 Years)
  • Ruben Neves (18 years 221 days)
  • Patrick Vieira (19 Years)
  • Fernando Torres (19 Years)

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