10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever


Have you ever wondered who the best bald soccer players of all time are?

The popular saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” means that someone’s perception of beauty is subjective. This applies to soccer players as well, as having a bald head doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of ability, as demonstrated by skilled players like Beckham.

Soccer, like a woman, doesn’t require physical attractiveness to be enjoyable or successful. The game has had numerous talented and impressive bald-headed players over the years, who have captivated audiences with their abilities and left them on the edge of their seats.

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

In the world of soccer, hair is more than just a style statement – it’s practically a player’s trademark! While some soccer players boast luscious locks that could rival a runway commercial, others are a bit follicly challenged for various reasons.

So here at Cheapgoals, we’ve dug deep into the archives to uncover the best of the best bald-headed players who left their mark on the beautiful game.

Frank Leboeuf

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

Frank Leboeuf’s name will always be remembered as one of the Les Blues members who won the World Cup in front of their fans in 1998 and Chelsea under the tutelage of Ruud Gullit in 1997.

The Frenchman wasn’t known to be a flamboyant player in terms of his style of play, however, he was a proficient and dedicated center-back of this era who is always ready to give his all on the pitch.

The former Chelsea star cum actor played over 200 games for the Blues and scored 24 goals mainly from penalties and set-pieces throughout his stay at the Bridge.

The bald-headed defender won two FA Cups, one League Cup, and one Cup Winners Cup as one of French most successful players to don the Blue shirt.

Jan Koller

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

Here on our list is arguably one of Eastern Europe’s most proficient and deadly center-forward who dominated European football with his towering physique at the club and international levels.

Soccer fans have over the years seen great giant strikers leave an indelible mark on the beautiful game. However, non is as proficient and ruthless in front of goal as the bald-headed Prague born, who battered defenders all over Europe for more than two decades with his height.

Koller was never one of the prettiest or flamboyant players to watch while active. However, the towering striker nicknamed Dino for his physique was without mincing a word one of the finest bald soccer players that most people gave him credit for.

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Fabien Barthez

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

Barthez, nicknamed ‘La Divin Chauve’, which means the ‘Divine Bald One’ will forever be remembered as one of the greatest bald-headed goalies, who was truly phenomenal in the art of goalkeeping both at the club and international levels.

The Frenchman’s ability with the ball on his feet and impeccable positioning in between the stick could be likened to the new generation goalkeepers, who are likewise good with passing the ball and building an attack from the backline.

Although Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich and Ederson of Manchester City may be considered the most skilled and at ease goalkeepers when handling the ball on the ground today, Barthez, performed the same maneuvers with exceptional flair years before, both for his club and country.

Attilio Lombardo

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

Lombardo’s name would forever be on the lips of Sampdoria’s fans for the instrumental role he played in the club’s dramatic and fairytale Scudetto triumph in 1991 when they defied the odds and went on to shock the established order in Serie A.

The Sampdoria legend is obviously not the most gifted and flamboyant bald soccer player. However, he made great use of his attributes in terms of his excellent crossing, unrivaled pace, stamina, and above all impeccable leadership skills.

The consistent and hardworking Lombardo, won three Serie A titles with three different clubs and a Champions League medal with Juventus before he bid the beautiful game farewell.

Claude Makelele

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

Makelele is one of the underrated defensive midfielders of his generation that oozes great talent as a midfield anchor, who reads and listens to the rhythm of the game with aplomb in mopping out danger from his team’s defensive third.

The bald-headed midfielder was an imposing midfielder with magnificent leadership qualities of a five-star general on a mission for both club and national team.

The Chelsea legend name would be remembered as one of the game’s best defensive midfield pioneers who conquered club and international soccer.

Makelele was never known for scoring fancy goals, the Frenchman is well revered for his defensive dark arts, mopping up and recycling with vigor to help his team build an all-out attacking threat against the opposition.

Jaap Stam

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

In an era where attacking players exude unrivaled trickery and explosive athleticism in the attacking third, there exists a capable and brilliant defender named Stam known for giving attacking players headaches and a tough time operating.

The bald-headed giant and superb Dutch defender were quite famous amongst United, AC Milan, and Lazio’s fans for how instrumental his stint was with the topsides in Europe.

Stam was so good under Sir Alex Ferguson, that the Scottish boss admitted he made a colossal mistake in selling arguably one of the greatest Dutch defenders of all time to Lazio.

With respect to Stam’s legend, he was absolutely a proficient and exquisite defender who is comfortable, fast, and intelligent with the ball as a defender throughout his professional career.

Bobby Charlton

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

Undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest English soccer talents, as his professional career had a significant impact on both his club and national team.

Sir Bobby Charlton is a Manchester United and England legend who donned the Red Devil’s shirt for 17 years, winning league titles thrice in the 60s.

As far as United’s lore is concerned in the history of the beautiful game, Charlton’s legend would never be forgotten because he was truly a great ambassador of the beautiful game.

The bald-headed legend’s story won’t be complete if we don’t mention his achievements as a cult hero who played soccer to the echelon of his career.

Inspiring England to their first-ever World Cup success in 1966, and helping United win the European Cup after rebuilding the team in 1968 following the Munich air disaster.

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Alfredo Di Stefano

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

In an era where the coverage of European football isn’t as saturated as it is now, Alfredo Di Stefano was arguably the best striker in the world terrorizing defenders with his brilliant goal-scoring instinct and precision.

Perhaps if there was no Pele who is dubbed the greatest player of all time for his indelible mark on the beautiful game, somehow this phenomenal bald soccer player would have been the perfect player to bestow that honor on.

The Real Madrid legend was so good that he scored four goals in a European Cup final against Eintracht Frankfurt, and to date, no player has been able to break the record he set in the final.

Arjen Robben

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

The Netherlands has a long history of producing superb players who didn’t only leave an indelible mark on the beautiful game but also achieved stunning success while active.

Robben is an exceptional player who perfected his craft solely through fast and cut right from the byline, with his left foot terrorizing defenders with his nimble and trickery foot.

The bald soccer player was largely used on the right-hand side of the pitch throughout his professional career at Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich where he spent a whole decade with the Bavarian giant.

Looking back at his illustrious career, Robben would be the proud player who won numerous team and individual honors before he bid farewell to the beautiful game.

Zinedine Zidane

10 Best Bald Soccer Players Ever

There’s absolutely little or no competition when it comes to comparing Zidane with other top midfielders who had the opportunity to lace boots at the highest level of the game.

The Real Madrid legend is arguably the most famous and revered bald soccer player of all time who oozes all-around great qualities as a professional.

Zinedine Zidane was a remarkable genius who possessed the ability to communicate with the ball in his own language of soccer, without the ball ever ignoring his commands.

With the amazing success Zidane achieved as a player, there’s absolutely no argument for his status as one of France’s greatest of all time when considering his impact and the mark he left.

Excluding Zinedine Zidane from our list of bald soccer players with successful careers would be a travesty, as the legendary Frenchman was so exceptional that he is referred to as a ‘myth’ by Raymond Domenech and a ‘god’ by Thierry Henry.


Honorable Mention:

  • Carsten Jancker
  • Esteban Cambiasso
  • Sol Campbell
  • Lilian Thuram
  • Grzegorz Lato
  • Patrick Vieira





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